We are a boutique business owned and managed by a woman entrepreneur and operated mostly by women. We are passionate about finding the best possible loan option for our customers as per their requirements. Our high quality of service has helped us build a strong and loyal customer base that is indicated by the fact that more than 95% of our business comes from repeat customers or customer referrals. Unlike our competitors who spend a lot of money on advertisement and then treat their customers like statistics on a dashboard, we prefer to grow slowly and treat the customer as we would treat a family member.

The founder of the company, Rooma Nanda, started the business in 2008 with one customer. Her dedication to quality and results earned a recognition and soon her customers were referring her to their friends and family as the go to person for all their loan needs. We now have a small team servicing loans with the same high standards of quality, transparency and speed. We are proud to be ranked in the top 40 loan brokers as per one of the industry magazine’s survey in 2017. Rooma has also been named as one of the top 12 women influencers of the industry.